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Fury: Lake Tahoe when she’s mad

Not everyone who visits Lake Tahoe has the same experience. But everyone who visits Lake Tahoe wants to remember their experience and share it with their family and friends. They want to remember how it made them feel, and help others understand why they felt that way.

As seen through my lens

“The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself.” ~ Henry Miller

God’s Thumbprint

Lost in the astonishing beauty of it all

We’re surrounded by it. From the dew on a blade of grass to the alpenglow on a mountain range. From the early light of…

Down, but not out in Squaw Valley

Nestled among the empty, dark, lifeless shops in Olympic Village, CA is one store still open for business.

I recently spoke with Mark Calhoun, owner of Alice’s Mountain Market, about why and how he remains open during this pandemic that has drained our popular ski Village of all tourists and…

Credit: Mountain Climber Nirmal ‘Nims’ Purja @nimsdai #ProjectPossible

The hardest thing about reaching the top of the mountain is getting through the crowd in the ‘death zone.’

It’s a peculiar phenomenon, this obsession with reaching the top against all odds, despite the risk to health and life. But now there’s a twist. People are dying while waiting in line.

Never has ‘Summit Fever’ been more consequential than during the month of May as eleven people have died…

Michael Kennedy

Pilot / Father / Adventurer / Visual Storyteller / Spartan (AROO!)

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